Tuesday, September 22, 2009

AT LARGE Fake News Tuesday: Law Would Make It Legal To Spank Others' Kids

COLUMBUS, Ohio (CAP) - Citing the need for the community to come together in an effort to curb the poor behavior of unruly youngsters, the Ohio Legislature is close to passing a law that would make it legal to spank other people's children.

"Well, it's obvious the parents aren't going to do it," said state Sen. Harold Shotmeyer, R-Canton, who sponsored the bill. "Frankly, what we really should be passing is a bill that would allow us to smack the moms and dads around a little bit.

"But being able to give the kids a little whack when they deserve it is the next best thing," he said.

The bill comes in the wake of incident in Cincinnati where a woman was arrested after paddling another woman's child inside a Salvation Army store.

"By all accounts, the child was being very annoying," said Shotmeyer. "The other shoppers actually applauded when she bopped the kid.

"But the mother calls the police, and suddenly this poor woman has a police record," he explained. "What kind of country has this become where smacking another person's child makes you a criminal?

"I blame Obama," he added.

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