Wednesday, August 23, 2006

At last we'll see which is the Master
Race! Wait ... that sounds bad.

OK, so "Survivor" can split up its contestants according to their race and will probably get millions of viewers and astronomical advertising revenues. And yet I do the same thing with the employees in my office, and I get slapped with a discrimination lawsuit. Life is not fair. ("OK, Hu, Lee, Nguyen, you're all over by the copier. What? What did I say?")

On the other hand, think of the future editions we now have to look forward to:

  • Religion Survivor (Christians vs. Jews vs. Muslims vs. Hindus);
  • Sexual Orientation Survivor (Straight vs. Gay vs. Bi vs. None of the Above);
  • Disability Survivor (Able-Bodied vs. Handicapped vs. Mentally Challenged vs. Severe Food Allergy);
  • Quirky Trait Survivor (Narcoleptic vs. Overly Affectionate vs. Prone to Panic Attacks vs. Painfully Uncoordinated).

Um ... That last one would be me.


plez... said...

I can't wait for the new season to start. We dance around race in this country and try to act like we don't see the BIG ASS ELEPHANT sitting in the middle of our living rooms every night. Most seasons, you're lucky if there are more than 2 people of color on ANY show (reality, sitcom, drama, etc.). When "Survivor" starts, I'll choose a team (probably the Black tribe, duh!) and cheer them on... and if they get voted off, I'll find someone else.

It's a fun concept... I hope more tv shows take up the charge!

Andrea said...

OMG that's just insane

I can just HEAR the talk show guru's of late freaking over this one.

tho, to be quite honest, I think the show needed a swift kick in the ass to become more interesting

I would have gone with the whole gay/straight/bisexual teams.....ENTERTAINING at least

Mags said...

Um...that last one would be HILLARIOUS!!

Kris said...

I second the vote for the last one.