Thursday, August 03, 2006

Or maybe he has to fight all the people who couldn't afford to live in Massachusetts

Well, they've announced the name of the new "Die Hard" movie: "Live Free or Die Hard." Plot details are sketchy, but we can only assume that it involves Bruce Willis' John McClane finding himself unexpectedly trapped in New Hampshire, where he has to take down a band of rogue bumpkins. And/or moose. (Well, if that's not the plot, it should be. I've been trapped in New Hampshire, and believe me, it was suspenseful.)

It's a good title, but not as good as some of the rejected names:
  • "Eat, drink and be Merry for Tomorrow we Die Hard"
  • "Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die Hard"
  • "If I Should Die Hard Before I Wake"
  • "Breaking Up is Die Hard to Do"
  • "A Die Hard Day's Night"

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Anonymous said...

Never seen a bumpkin or moose in New Hampshire. I accidently ran over a bumpkin in Vermont once. Afterwards, I stopped into a bumpkin domuts for a cup of coffee.