Saturday, August 12, 2006

Funny, he didn't look kinkajouish

I'm still officially on vacation, but I had to take a moment to comment on the breaking news story that Paris Hilton has been bitten by her pet kinkajou. Immediately following, she reportedly yelled "F--ing kinkajous!" and blamed all the world's wars on them, at which point she was whisked into rehab and has since appealed to the kinkajou community to help her find the appropriate path for healing.

According to UPI, kinkajous are known for "their playful nature and their occasional spontaneous attacks on other animals," much like Nicole Richie.

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Unknown said...

i'm sick of this fashion to get exotic pets! let them wild for god's sake!!!! why not a gator in your tub? because of bimbos like that these animals are abused, stolen from their parents as babies, wrong raised, and most of the owners dont even know how to raise them! and some complain because they get bitten by their wolf...