Tuesday, June 13, 2006

That's what she gets for
breaking up the Beatles

Poor Paul McCartney. First it was the sex book, then the call girl allegations, and the bombshells about his wife Heather Mills McCartney just keep on coming. In fact, this blog has acquired the story budget for the next week's worth of editions of The Sun, and from the looks of it her troubles are just beginning. Highlights include:

  • "The Heather-Clinton connection"
  • "Heather pushed Richards from coconut tree"
  • "Heather was Nazi spy during WWII"
  • "WMD found in Heather's prosthetic leg"
  • "Heather actually thought Wings sucked"
  • "Here are some more pictures of Heather's bare bosoms"
  • "Heather: 'I ate a hamburger -- and I liked it!'"

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