Wednesday, June 21, 2006


They've announced the latest inductees into the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame, and they're all worthy choices: Tom Brokaw, Regis Philbin and William Shatner. But I think it's worth asking, which of those men truly stands out as most worthy of the honor? Let's try a simple quiz to find out:
  1. 10 points to any candidate who's brought us the news of important world events;
  2. 25 points to any candidate easily identifiable by his first name alone;
  3. 1,000 points to any candidate who was Captain Freakin' Kirk!

I think that settles this little argument. And to that end, Comedy Central is planning to roast the estimable Mr. Shatner, although hopefully not with radiation like Captain Pike in Star Trek: TOS Episode 16. That was pretty gruesome.


Ma T said...

And to further distinguish himself, Captain Kirk went on to become Denny Crane. It doesn't get any better than THAT! :)

Jorge said...

I agree. Uhm... wow, I got nothing else to add.