Sunday, April 30, 2006

This week's column:
Fit to be tied

Ah, spring -- the birds are singing, the grass is growing, and sections of my body that I haven’t thought about in months are jiggling like deviled ham in a paint mixer. Yes, I finally took off my down parka and extra-large sweatshirt last week to find out that somehow, in the time since summer ended, my body had acquired an entire bowling ball.

But luckily I have Blue Cross Blue Shield, which recently sent me its "10 Stay Fit Tips" for spring. Surprisingly, none of them incorporated my No. 1 spring fitness method, which is to stop attacking old Easter candy like a whale sucking in plankton. (I’m also concerned that the term "Stay Fit" might assume an initial level of fitness that my body hasn’t seen since the great Health Rider bender of 1994.)

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1 comment:

Marti said...

Whales eat bananas? Oh wait, you said plankton, not plantains (giggle)

I have a fitness program wherein I bench press the keyboard while a new page loads (I'm on dial-up, so I can get anywhere from one to ten hoists in per page-load LOL)

Thanks for the laughs - you never fail to amuse me!

Swing by the new blog sometime! We have kittens!