Thursday, April 20, 2006

They should have gone with
their original plan to do
'Mystic Pizza: The Musical'

OK, so Julia Roberts didn't exactly set Broadway on fire Wednesday night with her debut in "Three Days of Rain." But the reviews weren't all bad. For instance, I combed through several dozen of them and was able to glean the following very positive comments:
  • "Not once did Ms. Roberts fall or bump into furniture."
  • "It was reminiscent of her scintillating performance in 'Pretty Woman,' except without the charisma or the hooker outfits."
  • "The intermission was dazzling."
  • "The way she mumbled so you couldn't hear what she was saying really stimulated the imagination. For instance, I spent much of the second act imagining what might happen if I choked on my Jujubes."
  • "It was the best performance I'd seen on Broadway all night, except for her co-stars."

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Marti said...

Oh well, she'll always have "Oceans 27" to look forward to LOL (I understand they're working on "13" now)

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