Thursday, June 16, 2005

Penn: Next fake job
may be as fake fireman

Sean Penn is eagerly looking forward
to his next fake career choice.

HOLLYWOOD (AP) -- Actor Sean Penn announced this week that he has narrowed down his next fake career to two options: astronaut and fireman.

The Oscar winner and political activist is currently covering the Iranian elections as a correspondent for the San Francisco Chronicle, but has said he feels that when his stint as a fake journalist comes to a close, he'd like to be ready with the next fake career that he can use his celebrity to weasel his way into.

"I've thoroughly enjoyed pretending to be a reporter and working side-by-side the actual reporters, all of whom are consummate professionals, in that they actually do this for a living, not just for fake," said Penn. "But next time around I thought being an astronaut and wearing that cool space suit or a fireman and sliding down the pole would be pretty awesome."

For future fake careers, Penn has mentioned doctor, policeman, professional wrestler, rock star and the guy who feeds the seals at the aquarium. "I hope my ideas for what fake jobs to do are ever changing," said Penn.


Amy Ruiz Fritz said...

Holy crap, what happened to Spiccoli?

the Witch said...

Hey bud, let's fake party...

Sohail said...

Funny but I'm actually on Penn's side. Going into that country in today's world, while working on behalf of a respectable newspaper, is ADMIRABLE!

John Left said...

Lord, first Tom Cruise goes goofy, now Sean Penn. You know it's getting Weird when Anthony Michael Hall looks normal by comparison. Generation X, whither are we wandering?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see penn in all of his fake jobs! I think he would look HOT in a firemen or cop uniform. its ok if men fake it women do!