Monday, April 11, 2005

On the plus side, it means my kids can go trick-or-treating without being bound in metallic duct tape

If you read my column this week on daylight-saving time, you know how it tends to leave me groggy and zombified each year. Well, no sooner did I file that piece than Congress -- specifically my favorite Massachusetts congressman, Ed Markey, whom I first met when he was buying a hot dog at a Brigham's in Medford, MA (long story) -- proposed extending daylight-saving time by two whole months!

There are many unanswered questions though: Will this make me more tired, or less tired? Will it have an even more drastic affect on traffic accidents if it comes a month earlier, since people will be exhausted from losing the hour and probably driving into a March blizzard? And will I ever be able to take a nap?

Stay tuned ...

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