Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sex and the City 2 is coming -- run!

I have no intention of seeing Sex and the City 2 -- my wife is sparing me and plans to see it with friends instead -- and yet I anticipate its coming with an almost palpable, existential dread. Am I the only one who looks at those women and sees the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

OK, maybe I'm overreacting. I'm sure it's two hours of bubbly fun. Let's look at the synopsis from the Patriot Ledger's Ed Symkus, who sat down with the stars in the shoe department at a Bergdorf Goodman and, apparently, lived to tell about it:
Though all four characters are tackling an issue, “Sex and the City,” as fans know, centers on Carrie. Her story is always just a little bigger and glossier; her troubles run a bit deeper. She’s going through what she believes is a rough patch with Big, and when the plot sends the four women on a Middle East adventure, the Carrie-Big relationship gets even more complicated, thanks to a chance encounter with an old flame.
Well, actually that sounds like an entertaining twist on the usual OH PLEASE GOD MAKE IT STOP!!! Sorry, I'm better now. Sex and the City 2 opens everywhere (and I mean everywhere) tomorrow. Start barricading yourself in your basement now.

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Dave Lifton said...

I don't see a horseman when I look at Sarah Jessica Parker. I see the horse.