Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A female Weird Al? Nobody tells me anything

OK, how did I not know that, right here in my own backyard (if my backyard happened to be in Brockton, which it isn't, thank God), we have a woman who has basically established herself as the female "Weird Al" Yankovic? Which brings to mind a mental image that I'm frankly not prepared to deal with.

But it's true, reports the Brockton Enterprise: Jodie-Amy Rivera is apparently the hottest video parodist since Al first uttered "Eat It":
Rivera’s one-woman show — she directs, shoots, edits and stars in her own works — earns her about 11 million YouTube views per month. She is the site’s No. 1 most-subscribed female since surpassing teen star Miley Cyrus in 2008.

Her music video, “7 Things Guys Don’t Have To Do,” a parody of Cyrus’ “7 Things I Hate About You,” was named one of the top 10 viral videos of 2008 by PC World Magazine.

Did you hear that? She's bigger than Miley. I didn't even think that amount of big was possible.

Anyway, as someone who knows from Weird Al, I figured I should check this out:

Hmmm ... Well, it's a nice effort. But it's no this:

Fewer skimpy outfits, more Captain Kirk references -- that's how you do parody, sister!

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