Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Take my wife, please

Finally I realize why I never get any of the really good tickets. I'm always trying to hit the "refresh" button at Ticketmaster.com or barter with some guy on a street corner, when all along what I should have been doing is offering to sell my wife.

At least that's what Kyle Carter of Medford is banking on. Carter, like the rest of the free world, wants to see the Celtics play the Lakers in the NBA finals. Unlike everybody else, though, carter placed the following actual ad on Craigslist:
“Trade my hot wife for 2 celts tickets! - $2 - (medford).”
But it's not what you're thinking (and we know what you're thinking), says Carter. According to the Medford Transcript:
Contrary to what some are assuming, it is a very decent proposal Carter has in mind. He and his wife are only looking for a basic dinner date, no hanky-panky.

“At first she said, ‘Oh, no, there’d be too many crazy people calling us,’” Carter said of his wife. “But she said she’d be open to it. And some of the guys who responded seem pretty normal.”
That's right, perfectly normal guys willing to trade their Celtics tickets for dinner with somebody else's wife. Well, best of luck, Kyle, and let me know how it goes. If nothing else, Nicolas Cage may wind up buying the movie rights.

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