Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What do you want for $100 million?

Speaking of Speed Racer (as I was the other day), they really ask for way too much from these Hollywood directors. Do you think it's easy to make a half decent movie for only $100 million? No, it isn't -- just ask the Wachowski brothers, who seem to have spent exactly that amount on what is essentially the world's longest and most expensive Mentos commercial.

But it's not their fault, as you'll read in this exclusive report at CAPNews:
"First of all, nowhere in our contract does it say the movie had to not suck," said Larry Wachowski. "If anybody had mentioned that they didn't want the movie to suck, we would have definitely made that a priority, or at least talked about it."

"Larry's right," said Andy Wachowski. "We had this whole checklist of things to do with this movie, and if they had told us they didn't want it to suck we would have put that right near the top."
Maybe they'll have their next time, when they helm their $150 million version of Battle of the Planets.


popmonkey said...

wow. battle of the planets!!!


great post. unfortunately i'm still going to have to go see this drivel. my son's insisting.

Anonymous said...

That movie was good. -.-

It could have been better, story-wise, but it was still good.