Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Miley Cyrus' real name is 'Destiny'! Give me tickets!

The kerfuffle over the quick sellouts and huge scalper prizes for Hannah Montana tickets (at last check hordes of suburban mothers had trapped Ticketmaster executives in their West Hollywood headquarters and were waiting for them to come out in search of food so they could kill them and eat them) has yielded at least one good suggestion: Someone has proposed asking people questions about their favorite artists which they must answer correctly before they're allowed to buy tickets.

I want to go down on the record as wholeheartedly in favor of this idea, and not only because I'm tickled at the thought of people holed up in their kitchens cramming Van Halen trivia like Ralph Kramden preparing for his appearance on "The $99,000 Answer." No, I just want someone to finally reward me for all my useless and pointless knowledge. (See -- just knowing that last phrase could have gotten me into the last Dylan concert.)


Anonymous said...

what is your real nane

Anonymous said...


Bar L. said...

I think its a great idea....that's why I won't give my extra tix to Bruce to anyone who can't answer some basic questions. Maybe you can help me think some up that would be fair.

Mark Miller said...

Barbara, the question is how "basic" basic is. Some questions that I might start with to weed out totally clueless people are "What was the name of Bruce's first album?" "What city did he grow up in?" (Some may say Asbury Park, but it's actually Freehold). "Name one (two? three?)member of the E Street Band." "Which two Bruce albums were released at the same time?"

Of course, a quick Google search would get you any of this info, so I'm not sure how you'd ensure you're giving your tickets to a true fan. I would just ask: "Why do you want to go?"

For this free advice, you can give me the tickets.