Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back, and better than ever! Sort of

You ... yes, you! The old At Large Blog fan who took a chance and wandered on to this site even though I haven't posted anything in five months! Thanks for stopping by. How are you? Would you like something to drink? I have seltzer around here somewhere.

Just so you know, you can find my blog musings at two new sites: The Shorelines Blog (concentrating on the weird and wacky on Boston's North Shore, but venturing out into the real world more than occasionally), and also at OurTowns Tonight, the blog for GateHouse Media New England. Check 'em out! Somebody's got to.

And I'll be posting here more often too, because, well ... I feel horribly guilty. There, I said it. And just to prove I mean it, here's a picture of me as a Simpsons character:


Anonymous said...

Well, hey there!

Yes, I have been watching and waiting. Glad to hear from you and hope things are well in your world. I'll look forward to more frequent updates! Stop by my blog for a laugh and a look at my new PT Cruiser!

Anonymous said...



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