Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And he'll start by giving
Oprah a car like Travolta did

You heard right: Clinton (Bill, that is) is going on Oprah. According to an e-mail Oprah sent to her book club, the occasion will mark "The first interview about his new passion!" Which, given some of his old passions, is a frightening thought.

But it turns out that passion is "Giving," both the activity and his new book of that same name. But in between his talk of philanthropy, what dirt will he spill? What bombshells will he drop? And most importantly, what will be the next Book Club pick? (Offhand guess: It will be long, and involve depressing foreigners.)

Meanwhile, count on Bill to reveal any number of the following:
  • “That whole Vince Foster thing? All Hillary.”
  • “During the ’92 campaign, James Carville and I would take turns making Jerky Boys calls to Ross Perot … We’d picture those ears of his turning all red and just laugh and laugh …”
  • “Al Gore: Worst guy to get stuck next to at a party ever.”
  • “Bush’s dad told me he wet the bed. No, not when he was a kid.”
  • “I did have sexual relations with that woman. And that woman. And that woman. And … [tape runs out]."

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