Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Please, for God's sake,
take Ann Curry with you

Katie Couric has announced that she'll be instituting the following changes on the CBS Evening News, effective immediately:

  1. Nightly segments on pilates;
  2. Thalia Assuras to start cooking with celebrity chefs;
  3. Outdoor Concert Series (summers only);
  4. Fat weatherman;
  5. Swingin' knee-high boots for Russ Mitchell.


SportyChick said...

She'll also do her usual drooling at the male guests... she's not so subtle with her flirting. Wonder how that will work in the new gig?

Underachiever said...

6. Annoying the Crap out of me


smudge said...

CBS offered her an 'Where in the World' gig like Matt got. And if things don't work out thats how they plan on getting rid of her.

Leetie said...

Awww. I like Katie. She and Matt have great chemistry. But Anne has got to be the worst interviewer on the planet. I get SO uncomfortable watching her interviews!

Roger Owen Green said...

If you're gonna pick on Ann Curry, at least spell her name correctly.

Pete Chianca said...

Point taken.