Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Football without booze is
like baseball without ... booze

Overheard during the fourth quarter of the alcohol-free Jets-Pats matchup:

Fan No. 1: Delightful contest, wouldn't you say?
Fan No. 2: Quite, quite ... Oh dear, it appears the Jets have fumbled the pigskin.
Fan No. 1: Bad form!
Fan No. 2: Wait, I'm mistaken -- they've recovered.
Fan No. 1: Jolly good. (polite applause)
Fan No. 3: Bollinger, you suck!! Pats rule!! %$#%@! %$#%@! %$#%@!
Fan No. 1: I believe that fellow has snuck in some libations.
Fan No. 2: Grab his flask! (riot ensues)

1 comment:

Underachiever said...

Fan 1: Dude it's cold. What the hell are we watching this crap?

Fan 2: You're right! Lets go home to watch Trading Spouses or Nanny 911

Fan 1: You got it!

*Both fan 1 and Fan 2 skip all the way home*