Tuesday, December 06, 2005

And for an extra grand you can
get one that plays 'Also Sprach
Zarathustra' when the lid opens

The Invention of the Month for December goes to Toto, the company that has developed a $5,000 toilet. Is the toilet made of solid gold with a diamond-encrusted lever for fancy flushing? No, apparently Liberace's next of kin had all of those melted down.

Rather, it's a remote-controlled toilet: The lid lifts as you approach, the seat lifts on its own if you wait a few more seconds, and it automatically flushes and lowers the lid upon completion. Suggested motto: "It does everything except pee for you!" And that's probably coming in the 2007 model.


No-L said...

Does it also wipe your ass? It should for that price.

Unknown said...

How lazy are we? I agree with no-I, it should wipe for that price! R