Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In their defense, Ludacris was the musical act, so maybe he drove them to it

Back when I was at Tufts -- let's just say it was post-Bee Gees but before college kids all had cell phones stapled to the sides of their heads -- the annual Spring Fling concert usually ended with authorities having to call an ambulance for some idiot freshman who'd ingested enough alcohol to power a twin-engine Cessna. Ah, those were the days.

Because now, apparently, the stupidity isn't limited to that one freshman. According to Wicked Local Medford, 30 (that's 3-0) Tufts students fell ill from drinking at the school’s Spring Fling concert last month -- enough to cause the Medford Police to declare a "Mass Casualty Incident."

Tufts implemented a new policy for the Spring Fling this year where any bags brought to the concert needed to be transparent. Not to be thwarted, many students reportedly drank their fill of alcohol before the show. The unseasonably hot temperatures of the day took care of the rest.

What's scary is ... these people were smart enough to get into Tufts.

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