Saturday, March 08, 2008

'College Road Trip' is the worst movie ever made

OK, maybe not the worst movie. But I think any movie featuring Martin Lawrence in full mug-mode, Donny Osmond in any capacity and a pet pig who eats coffee beans and then goes crazy and destroys a wedding reception would have to at least qualify as "bad." (And that pig sequence was not even as funny as I just made it sound, if you can believe it.)

I bring this up because, and I may be sorry I admitted this, I left the theater thinking the movie was actually pretty OK. Raising the question, have my standards really dropped that low? Have I seen so much Disney Channel that my idea of what constitutes a reasonable level of entertainment value has been warped beyond all recognition? Was I just that happy to get the kids out of the house during a nine-hour rainstorm? Well ... Yes, yes and yes.

Also, Donny Osmond was actually pretty funny. Four stars!


Anonymous said...

nice movie !

Anonymous said...

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