Monday, November 05, 2007

This could have serious repercussions
on the one decent TV show

Oh no! The Writer's Guild of America has gone on strike! Now I'll have to spend my nights watching old "Seinfeld" and "Wings" reruns instead of the networks' highly publicized new shows! Oh wait, I'm already doing that.

Hence the Writer's Guild's problem: It's hard to engender public sympathy when most of the stuff you're writing makes people turn their heads away from the TV screen in a mixture of embarrassment and pity. (Yes, I'm referring to "Back to You." Somewhere, Frasier Crane is turning over in his fictional sitcom grave.)

So here's what I propose as a reasonable settlement, in three easy steps:
  1. Take all the money;
  2. Give it to the people who write "The Office";
  3. That's it.
As for the film writers, here's all I know about that: Somewhere out there is the guy who wrote "Underdog." He should be paying me.

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