Tuesday, December 05, 2006

And yet bullets remain readily available

Well, it's official: New York City has banned Trans-Fats from all of its restaurants. But before you panic, don't worry -- Taco Bell will still be able to serve e. coli.

Meanwhile, in its continuing effort to stem the tide of obesity, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering the following follow-up bans:
  • Anything glazed;
  • All things Cinnabon;
  • Any cheese that's a color not found in nature;
  • Foods that, if you squeezed them hard enough, would relinquish enough grease to power a diesel vehicle;
  • Anything that tastes, you know, good.


Tyler Farrer said...

You haven't been ingesting bullets, have you?

'Cause that'd be bad.

Jorge said...

The last nail in the "New York is the greatest city on Earth" coffin. A moment of silence.