Thursday, July 27, 2006

Celebrities are just like us, Vol. I

Random thoughts for the day:

  • Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson have announced that they're getting married four times, in France, California, Michigan and Tennessee. No word on how many divorces are in the works, but I'm thinking ... 12.
  • Metallica has finally caved in and offered up four of its albums on iTunes. Thank God! I'm sure this came as great news to all the Metallica fans who already downloaded those albums off of Napster in 2003.
  • Yes, David Hasselhoff was drunk when he was refused admittance to a British Airwaves flight on Wednesday. Drunk ... on his own freakish worldwide popularity! You'd have trouble walking too.

1 comment:

Jorge said...

One of this days I'm gonna get married drunk through iTunes. Progress rocks. Can't wait!