Saturday, May 21, 2005

Those people in the blue shirts
with the little yellow tags on their
sleeves? They're mocking me.

Stop. I'm dyin' here.

Every so often I like to read the Best Buy catalogue, just to torture myself. "I wonder," I think, casting a backward glance at the 13-inch Toshiba (with built-in VCR!) that graces my home office, "who the heck is buying the $5,499.99 43-inch Plasma HDTV?" Whoever he is, I suspect that at this very minute, he's gloating.

Sure, I'm the first to admit that my son's preschool payments are almost equally as important as, say, a Sony Intel Centrino notebook computer with 15.4-inch widescreen, 1024 MB DDR SDRAM and 80 GB hard drive. Or a JVC 2.12 megapixel CCD 10X optical/200X digital 1.8-inch LCD video camera that can fit in my pants pocket. Actually, I have no idea what any of those numbers or abbreviations mean, but that doesn't stop them from haunting my dreams.

OK, time to put the catalogue away until I'm more financially solvent or have been given six months to live. But mark my words, as soon as I have the extra cash, I'm getting me a 20 GB iPod and accompanying Bose SoundDock. I figure by the time my kids get out of college they'll be going for about $18 on eBay.

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Hybrid said...

The ipod is seet indeed, but go for the Creative mps player (the Zen touch I believe) I had an ipod and sold it. The touch wheel on the ipod would ocasionally not be as responsive as I would've liked. Plus, the battery life of Creative piece is better. The unit is around $80 bucks less than the ipod too. You could put that money on the digital camera.. lol Take care, DonQ