Thursday, January 19, 2006

Spock ... the ... pain! The ...
unbelievable ... pain!

I can’t believe I missed out on buying William Shatner’s kidney stone! Blast you,! Blast your deep pockets and your unexplainable fixation on the bizarre and outlandish!

In fact, we can only assume that the strange purchases department is plotting as we speak to pounce on the following objects the minute they go on sale to the general public:

  • Leonard Nimoy’s appendix (estimated cost: $20,000)
  • James Doohan’s adenoids ($17,500)
  • The guy who played Q’s liposuction fat ($8,000)
  • Ricardo Montalban’s fingernails ($9,500)
  • Jonathan Frakes’ right kidney ($7,250)
  • Something that fell out of one of the Tribbles ($27,000)
  • Wil Wheaton, in his entirety ($12.50)

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