Friday, December 22, 2006

In her defense, does it say specifically
in the rule book that she can't flash and
make out with other girls?

Pop culture trivia question of the day: The person who said, "Those pictures don't surprise me -- she was always showing off her boobs," was referring to:

  1. Miss USA Tara Conner;
  2. Miss Teen USA Katie Blair;
  3. Miss Nevada Katie Rees; or
  4. Golden Globe nominee for "The Queen" Helen Mirren.

Trick question ... The correct answer is "Donald Trump."


_ ANEW _ said...


Great site going on here!
Found it by the way of JEN (Deependofthepool).

The title of this article is great! I also enjoyed the BURGER PIC on down the page ... I could enjoy that!

Take Care,
Hi again Jen!

I've updated my previous QUESTION OF THE DAY with a PART II because of your response ;)

I was quite moved that the special gift you received from someone meant so much to you - partly because someone once told me that a sentimental gift I had given them meant so much too!

This led me to create a new Q.O.T.D. over at my site, and I credited your reply as the reason for it : )

I wonder after reading a bit more of your blog if it was ADRIAN who gave you that special gift ;)

Take Care Jen & thanks for your replies!

p.s. Great SONG OF THE DAY!

Michael From The Future

_ ANEW _ said...

Hi again Peter,

Sorry about including a POST TO JEN with my POST TO YOUR ARTICLE above!

Makes it a bit interesting to read though ;)

Take Care,
Michael From The Future

Jorge said...

Just another reminder of why I love pop culture.