Tuesday, February 21, 2006

They're like Sam and Diane,
except much, much less attractive

Donald Trump and Martha Stewart: When will you two just admit it? You're in love with each other! Stop torturing yourselves and just allow yourselves to be happy!

As you've probably heard, Martha Stewart complained that her "Apprentice" floundered because Donald Trump reneged on a promise to take his version off the air; then Trump fired back that Martha's show "lacked mood, temperament and just about everything a show needs for success." Is it getting hot in here?

Alas, it's bound to take a few more rounds before these lovebirds finally get from the boardroom to the bedroom. But if Trump winds up suing her for $5 billion, we'll know they're close -- for him, that counts as foreplay.

1 comment:

Jorge said...

Do not let those genes mix. Well, artificially by now. But still... the horror.