Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Also good for carrying your beer from room to room

What I love about At Large readers is that they're here to help. For instance, after reading my columns they often give me advice about where I should go about sticking my head, or what I should do to myself should I find myself with some extra time in my schedule.

But sometimes it's actually useful, such as the note I got today about last week's column from Jim Thrasher of Reach the Beach, Inc:
"I read and enjoyed your column of June 26 in the Medfield Press after noticing the cartoon above it. Thought you might be interested in seeing this product: www.wonderwheeler.com. Our company, Reach The Beach, Inc. invented and patented the Wonder Wheeler beach cart to solve the carrying problem. This year's new model has the super WIDE wheels!"
Which is all well and good (and judging from the picture, effective in carrying most of your belongings and perhaps several children), but I'm relatively sure it will still not keep the sand out of my shorts. For that I'd need a huge plastic bubble. Unfortunately that's on back order, and also there's always the chance I'd get caught in the undertow and sucked all the way to China.

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