Thursday, February 28, 2008

We’re lovin’ it, ‘it’ of course being a burrito filled with sausage

If you missed it during breakfast hours this morning, don't worry: You'll have one more chance tomorrow to get your free (FREE!) McSkillet Burrito at McDonald's. Unlike the people over at Starbucks, closing their doors and telling customers to eat cake (or cranberry orange muffin, as the case may be), McDonald's is showing how much they appreciate their customers by contributing to their next heart attack.

McDonald's expects to give out more than 1 million free burritos during the Leap Day promotion; for those of you doing the math at home, at 374 calories per burrito, that's 374 million calories released into the general population over the two-day period. Assuming about a pound gained for every extra 3,500 calories consumed, that's 106,857 pounds of body fat America's fast food eaters will be piling on, and all before the weekend.

Would you like fries with that?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting it that way...No Mickey D's for me or anyone in my family tomorrow!