Thursday, October 04, 2007


OK, I've been listening to "Magic" for two days now, and I have to agree with EW: Bruce Springsteen is back in the masterpiece business. Yes, yes, I know, I'm the guy who loves his mumbly solo acoustic albums, who downloaded his duets with Sam Moore and Jerry Lee Lewis, who did little giddy backflips over his Pete Seeger covers. But I am somewhat discerning: I didn't start liking "Human Touch" until about 2002. (What? "Soul Driver" grows on you.)

But what I'm really looking forward to is the live show, which hits Boston Nov. 18-19. Apparently he's planning some interesting tour debuts.

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Bar L. said...

I could sit here and comment to your Bruce posts all night...but I will try to restrain myself. I was at last weeks show and have been reliving each song over and over in my mind. One of my favorite things at a Bruce show is looking around at all the first timers, they really are a bit confused at first when they see and hear all the "routine" things the audience says and does without a cue or a second just kinda happens...its like we're all one big happy family for the night cheering on our Big Bro Bruce as he rocks our worlds (literally)